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Pneumatic Conveying Equipment


We’re a customer-focused OEM that designs and manufactures long-lasting industrial-duty pneumatic conveyors, baggers, dust control systems, and industrial automation panels. 

Get your dry bulk material to unload faster, travel further distances with flexible routing, produce less dust, with minimal downtime and maintenance with US Systems.

US Systems is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing the highest rate pneumatic conveying solutions for the chemical, mineral, plastics, and food industries.

Since 1969, US Systems has solved conveying problems through the application of pneumatic conveying principles in both dense and dilute phase systems. This varied experience is a resource for the development of many unique solutions that have proven track records in industrial plants across the country.

We specialize in engineering elegant solutions to difficult problems in railcar unloading, dry bulk material handling, pneumatic conveying, dust filtration, and bulk bag filling.

USS Pneumatic Conveying System for Unloading Railcars of Salt. This unit replaced another USS system used for decades.

Controls and Automation

Need the help of a qualified Industrial Automation and Systems Integration specialist? We have talented controls engineers ready to squeeze productivity out of any aspect of your automated processes. Click HERE for details.


Powdered sugar plant systems integrated with USS Automation.
Powdered sugar plant systems integrated with USS Automation.

Solutions to keep you moving

Pneumatic Railcar Unloading

Railcar Unloaders

Faster Rates – Less Downtime – Superior Dust Control Read More
ReliaMax Truck Unloaders

Truck Unloading

Our truck unloading systems employ a simple, efficient concept that allows us to engineer systems without excessive use of horsepower. Read More
Pneumatic Conveyor for In-Plant Transfer

Inplant Transfer

Here at US Systems, we've been getting dry bulk material from point 'A' to point 'B' using our proven pneumatic conveying system approach since 1969. Read More
A US Systems Pneumatic Conveyor Performs Intermodal Transfer of Material from SeaBulk to a Silo

Intermodal Transfer

We build equipment to convey your dry bulk materials from one mode of transportation to another - QUICKLY and EFFICIENTLY. Read More
blower packages used in our pneumatic conveyor systems

Blower Packages

Instead of trying to fit a ‘standard model’ into your system, we custom-size our blower packages to meet your needs – and cost no more than cheaply built units. Read More
US Systems Bulk Bag FIBC Filler used with a pneumatic conveying system

FIBC Bulk Bag Fillers

The US Systems Bulk Bag Filling Machine fills, accurately weighs and packs your material in a single operation. Read More

Why Choose Us

When you call a pneumatic conveying company, they should:

  • Listen to you.
  • Be willing to inform and educate clearly and concisely.
  • Explore all of the options with you.
  • Have experience with your particular material.
  • Explain the cost-benefits of customized vs. off-the-shelf solutions.
  • Let you speak with engineers and technicians, not salespeople.
  • Cheerfully help make your job easier.

Send a message or speak with an experienced engineer at 888-281-2454.