Rotary Valve

Meters Material – Creates Pressure Differential

Rotary valves (also known as rotary airlocks, rotary feeders, etc.) are pneumatic valves that handle and meter the flow of granular bulk or powders.

Material is fed into the valve via a hopper or other inlets, handled through the valve rotor, and then deposited onto a conveyor system in discrete packets, all with minimal pressure loss.

They are most often used in air conveyor systems to minimize the loss of pressure across the valve, but rotary valves are also used to meter materials at a controlled feed rate.

They work almost exclusively in air systems and function as airlocks, explosion/flame barriers, and process isolators, among other tasks.

They can move dry to slightly sticky products, and find many applications in chemical and food, pharmaceutical, plastic, and other manufacturing markets.

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Heavy Duty Rotary Airlock Valve
Heavy Duty Rotary Airlock Valve

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