Hopper Adapter Pan

Lightweight – Simple – Low Cost – Effective

Our railcar/truck adapter pans clamp on and you’re ready to go. 

For hopper cars without a pneumatic hookup our gate adapter pan easily clamps on tight. The operator then connects the pneumatic hose, opens the gate, and you’re in business.

Our hopper adapter pans are made from aluminum for lightness and safety, are manufactured in ANY size, and come with

We can also provide a gate adapter pan as an accessory to our railcar and truck unloading pneumatic conveying systems.

Railcar Adapter Pan for pneumatically conveying material from a PD Railcar
US Systems Railcar Adapter Pan

This particular adapter pan has a large 8″ diameter inlet on it with a blast gate to control the air-to-material ratio.

USS Truck Vacuum Pans
USS Aluminum Truck Vacuum Pans
Railcar Hopper Adapter Pan
Railcar Hopper Adapter Pan Diagram
USS Pneumatic Railcar Adapter Pan
USS Aerated Adapter Pan
US Systems PD Railcar Adapter Pan
A US Systems adapter pan in action.

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