US Systems

Our Mission

Our mission is to support our clients by building ‘Uncommonly good’ industrial equipment from commonly available materials.

  • Our Motto is: “Total System Responsibility”
  • Our Method is to attract, train and retain the most highly motivated people to accomplish our Mission.
  • We employ experienced engineers, skilled welders and mechanics to accomplish our Mission.
  • Our corporate culture champions hard work, creativity, and integrity.
  • We utilize reliable, high-quality suppliers to support our Mission.

Since 1969, US Systems has solved conveying problems through the application of pneumatic conveying principles in both dense and dilute phase systems. This varied experience across the plastics, food, and chemical industries is a resource for the development of many unique solutions that have proven track records in industrial plants across the country.

At US Systems, our guaranteed engineering services are driven by the idea to apply pneumatic conveying principles in such a way as to optimize initial capital outlays and eliminate our customer’s unscheduled downtime.

A US Systems pneumatic conveying filter receiver used to pneumatically convey sodium sulfate from a railcar to a silo at a packaging plant in Louisiana.

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