Bin Vent / Baghouse

EPA Compliance – Eliminate Nuisance Dust – Vent Pneumatic Conveyors

We design and manufacture dust filters for use with any material in any climate. Scratching your head? US Systems creates solutions for difficult applications. Give us a call about your specific application and we’ll help.

When material discharges into a silo, the air must be allowed to escape. For dusty material that air must be filtered before venting to atmosphere. That’s where a baghouse with Pulse Jet Filter comes in.

In operation, dry bulk material is discharged into a silo where heavy particles fall to the bottom. Fine dusty particles may float upwards toward the bin vent. At this point the air passes through tubular filter media and out to atmosphere, leaving the dusty material behind. These filter tubes are elongated to allow plenty of surface area for air to pass through in a small amount of space.

Either on a timer or by pressure switch, a high energy burst of compressed air pulses into the center of the filter tubes, flexing the bag and blowing the dust from the surface of the tubes. US Systems provides rugged, long-lasting filter media specified for your material. We continue supporting your system by making it easy to reorder filter media when needed.

Bag House

“Bag House” is a colloquial term for a very large bin vent, sometimes containing hundreds of filters and are large enough for a person to enter to change the filters.

This US Systems heated and insulated bin vent is specially made for installation in the Arctic Circle.
This US Systems heated and insulated bin vent is specially made for installation in the Arctic Circle.

In addition to standard bin vents and baghouses, we take on special challenges that occur in your environment or with your material. If you have a tough problem such as extreme high or low temperature conditions, physical space limitation, or any other issue that requires an expert solution, give us a call to discuss your needs.

US Systems Bin Vent Diagram listing the various features of the bin vent
US Systems Silo Top Bin Vent
US Systems Silo Top Bin Vent
US Systems Bin Vent with Top Access, Ladder, and Guard Rails for Safety
USS Bin Vent with Top Access Door, Ladder, and Safety Cage


Bin Vent/Bag House with Pulse Jet Features:


  • Bottom, side, or top-access via top-door or walk-in plenum
  • Utilizes self-Cleaning Pulse Jet technology
  • Tool-less access door
  • Welded safety grate
  • NEMA timer controls
  • Differential pressure monitor
  • Stainless, painted carbon steel, or aluminum construction
  • Laser-cut tube sheets
  • Solid state industrial controls and automation


  • Exhaust fan
  • Portable units available
  • Particulate monitor (monitors the clean side for particulates)
  • Support lugs and optional legs
US Systems Bag House Installation
US Systems Bag House Installation

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