Automatic Pallet Dispenser

Safe – Affordable – Time Saving

USS manufactures our pallet dispensers as standalone equipment and as an “auto-magic” option for our Bulk Bag Filling Station.

Load a stack of pallets and forget about it for a while. This cuts down on costs and minimizes the risk of back injuries and strain from manually handling heavy pallets.

Our pallet dispenser (aka pallet destacker) is compact, with a small footprint. Our dispenser ships fully assembled, pre-wired, pre-piped, shop-tested, and ready to operate.

A US Systems Automatic Pallet Dispenser includes a powered discharge conveyor that features a foot-friendly galvanized flat-wire belt conveyor. Our pallet dispenser uses plant air and a motor for functionality – no hydraulics or other exotic mechanisms to maintain. 

Made from premium materials and engineered to last with minimal maintenance, our pallet conveyor is perfect for a process that requires high rates with little downtime.

US Systems Pallet Dispenser Installation

Pallet Conveyors

We design and manufacture Gravity, Motorized, and Chain-Transfer Pallet Conveyors.

We design them to fit the exact dimensions your application needs. Our motorized pallet conveyors are industrial-duty and feature galvanized flat-wire belting. Gravity configurations in any length are available. 

Chain Transfer Conveyor

Our chain transfer conveyor is an easy way to move pallets at a 90 degree angle without changing the orientation of the pallet.

US Systems Automatic Pallet Dispenser

Reliability. It’s something we take seriously at United States Systems. We may have some high-tech automation but our equipment is still built the old-fashioned way…to last. 


We have very talented electrical engineers on staff that are able to tie your pallet dispenser into your plant systems for a fully automated pallet dispensing experience. Learn more about our electrical engineering capabilities here.

US Systems Chain Transfer Conveyor
US Systems Chain Transfer Pallet Conveyor Installation
USS High-Rate Bulk Bag Filling Station with USS Pallet Dispenser and Gravity Conveyor
USS High-Rate Bulk Bag Filling Station with USS Pallet Dispenser and Gravity Conveyor


US Systems Pallet Dispenser Features:


  • Easy Loading
  • Magazine holds 12-15 pallets
  • Automatic operation with manual control for loading safety
  • Adjustable Guides
  • Compact Design – Small Footprint
  • NEMA rated controls
  • Powered discharge conveyor
  • Reliable sensors: photo eyes, limit switches, and magnetic reed switches
  • Control solenoids 120VAC or 24VDC
  • Ships fully assembled, pre-wired, pre-piped, tested, and ready to operate
  • Vented isolation ball valve to de-energize for safe maintenance
  • Can load pallets from three sides


  • Can operate as a pallet stacker
US Systems Pallet Conveyor
US Systems Pallet Conveyor

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