Mechanical Engineering Services

We Engineer for Uptime, Performance, and Value

We engineer bulk material handling solutions for the plastics, chemical, mineral, food, and pharmaceutical industries. Every material handling situation is a puzzle, a problem looking for a solution.

Our engineering department solves these engineering problems through hands-on control of each system from the design stage through manufacturing and field installation. It’s our way of providing “Total System Responsibility”. We are aggressively dedicated to serving our customers, and it shows through the repeat business we conduct with our clients.

Engineering Process Diagram
US Systems Engineering Process Diagram

We Like Challenges

US Systems actively seeks the most challenging and unique problems our customers face. Unlike many of our competitors we are able to provide more than a turn-key solution when the situation calls for it. If your process requires a custom solution to a unique problem, our engineering team is here to ensure that we find the best low-cost solution to fit your needs.

Experience, engineering, and testing take the guesswork out of meeting your performance criteria. Our competitors like to show off in marketing materials their large, expensive testing labs that have no bearing on the real-world process application problems the material will face in the field.

We Have the Experience

We do testing as necessary for more rare and exotic materials, but for the vast majority of materials this unnecessarily drives up costs for the customer, to little benefit. Our engineering team has experience conveying thousands of materials in thousands of unique applications. Testing your material in a lab without the unique challenges of your specific plant will not ensure your pneumatic conveying system is designed properly. Experience, however, will.

Decades of experience is the key to ensuring a well-designed system for your material in your specific and unique plant configuration. Our competitors want to sell “off-the-shelf” systems to as many clients as possible. US Systems operates more as a bespoke engineering house. We leverage our “out of the box” creativity to develop and implement cost effective, intuitive, robust solutions for mechanical challenges. 

Side by Side Pneumatic Conveyor
Our Engineering Process Takes the Virtual to Reality

Mechanical Engineering Services

  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Mechanical Conveying
  • Bulk Bag Filling and Densification
  • Pallet Dispensing and Conveying
  • Weighing, Feeding, and Blending
  • Bulk Receiving and Loadout (Truck and Rail), Storage, Reclaim, Silos, Bins, etc.
  • Chutes, Spouts, and Piping
  • Production, Manufacturing and Process Facility Layout
  • Dust Collection System Design
  • Dry and Liquid Storage and Handling 
USS Pneumatic Truck Receiving Inlet Panel for Silos
USS Pneumatic Truck Receiving Inlet Panel for Silos

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