Convey Plastic Pellets with a Pneumatic Conveyor

Increase capacity, productivity, and efficiency by pneumatically conveying plastic resin pellets

Plastic is lightweight, durable, cheap, and easily modified material with many applications across many industries. US Systems has decades of experience conveying plastic pellets. We size the systems we build around the type of material being conveyed. With plastic pellets, we have experience reducing the effect of fines and angel hair which can potentially cause inconsistency in the final product as some material will be deformed and not melt evenly. 

What is Pneumatic Conveying?

Pneumatic conveyors use a gas (usually air) to suspend plastic pellets within smooth-bore pipes. The pipes can be routed around bends and over long distances. It’s possible to have multiple pickup and discharge points. Our engineers are familiar with techniques to limit the downsides of conveying plastic while maximizing the upsides.

Avoiding Issues with Pellets

Avoiding fines, streamers, angel hair, and snakeskins while achieving high rates is achieved by taking in consideration the temperature and velocity of the convey material with bends in the line that cause friction to occur. We analyze the composition of the conveyed material and design the system around its particular properties.

Once the pneumatic conveying system is installed and balanced the lack of moving parts makes maintenance far less of a chore than a mechanical conveyor. This results in more uptime and less maintenance and labor cost. Our customers are delighted when they can move an operator from conveying material to performing other important tasks.

US Systems Dry Bulk Material Sample Jars
US Systems Dry Bulk Material Sample Jars

The Pneumatic Advantage

Pneumatic conveying systems have many advantages such as inherent dust control, routing flexibility, long convey distances, and high capacity. Less moving parts means more uptime and less maintenance. The line is completely cleared out of material, and the systems are well-suited for automation. 

We’re Automation Experts

US Systems has talented, experienced industrial automation experts on staff. We have experience completely integrating all plant control systems into one SCADA system for full control over manufacturing processes, maintenance, and business analytics. 

We have retrofitted brand new PLC’s and PC’s into a plastic pellet plant with four production lines. The results were fantastic. The system works smoothly and efficiently after the upgrade. We used Wonderware to historize the plant data so that trends can be analyzed and maintenance can be done before problems become more costly.