US Systems Bulk Bagger Lineup

Bulk Bag Filling Station

Dispense Pallet -> Fill -> Weigh -> Pack -> Convey -> Repeat

This FIBC (Super Sack) bulk bag filling station features automatic pallet dispensing, bag hooks that retract toward the operator, automatic weighing, densification, and conveying. This station has it all – a turn-key package that saves on labor costs and measurement accuracy.

We call this the FWP-7000 bulk bag filling station. The FWP stands for “Fill – Weigh – Pack”. The elegant operation of this PLC-run station fills, accurately weighs, and packs your material in a single operation. Our patented densifier fills bags with up to 20% more product, saving space and efficiency in storage. Our densifier is so efficient that we have clients that stack bags on top of each other.

The FWP-7000 bulk bag filling station is available with or without conveyors. The unit is accessible from all four sides and can be oriented to fit your location. Attachments for filling drums, boxes, and totes are available.

Our pallet dispenser will handle both wood and molded pallets. Pallets can be dispensed in-line or at a 90 degree angle. This option, with powered conveyor, will fully automate your operation.


FIBC Supersack Bulk Bags Densified and Stacked by a US Systems Bagger
FIBC Bulk Bags Densified and Stacked by a US Systems Bagger

The FWP-7000 Bulk Bag Filling Station fills the same way, the right way, every time. Savings are realized in manpower required, filling accuracy, reduced bulk bag cost, improved storage, and reduced shipping charges.

Features and Benefits:

  • Food-grade neoprene cuff inflates to seal bag
  • PLC-controlled automation
  • Intuitive HMI (touchscreen available)
  • Motorized height adjustment for easy maintenance
  • Painted carbon steel construction
  • Latch mechanisms offer positive loop control
  • Latch mechanisms automatically release once bag is full
  • Latch mechanisms move toward operator for quick bag hanging
  • Exhaust filter available or use existing dust collection system
  • Optional automatic pallet dispenser available
  • All features are optional, customizations welcome. Call USS to discuss your needs.
FIBC Supersack Bagger Spout with inflatable cuff
FWP-7000 Stainless Steel Spout with Food-Grade Neoprene Inflatable Cuff

Seamless Inflatable Cuff

The FWP-7000’s Seamless Inflatable Cuff, manufactured of food-grade neoprene, expands against the inside of the bulk bag fill spout, sealing the opening to guard against product contamination and to control dust. All product contact points are constructed of stainless steel. An internal passage in the product fill spout allows the evacuation of dust during the filling cycle. A remote push button is provided to inflate and deflate the cuff.

Bag Inflation, Motorized Height Adjustment, Product Valve

A system to inflate the bulk bag before starting the filling cycle is housed within the air intake filter. An exhaust air filter assembly can be added or a connection to your existing dust collection system can be made to capture displaced air from the bulk bag.

The motorized height adjustment includes a motor, a gear reducer, lead screws with bronze nuts in each leg, and chain and sprockets to tie the system together. The upper and lower limits are controlled by a proximity switch.

The product valve to control the flow of your material is attached to your product source. A flexible hose then connects the valve to the bulk bag filling machine.

Top View of Supersack Bagger Showing Inflating Mechanism, Dust Collection, and Motorized Height Adjustment
Top View of Bulk Bagger Showing Inflating Mechanism, Dust Collection, and Motorized Height Adjustment
US Systems Bulk Bag Filling Station Diagram

Click the model to view in 3D


Our systems feature industrial-duty control panels that automate much of the process, allowing your system to run smoothly, with less downtime.

We build control panels to meet your application needs and may include:

  • NEMA-Rated Panels
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Primary Circuit Protection
  • Industrial-Duty Buttons, Selector Switches, and Door Devices
  • PLC – Programmable Logic Controller
  • Motor Starters
  • HMI – Human Machine Interface
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Variable-Speed Controls
  • Touchscreen
  • Remote Networking Capability
  • Data Collection


We are here to support you every step of the way. We offer:

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Operator training
  • We support our equipment with consumables
  • Technical support


Keep your system running smoothly with a US Systems Control Panel.

A US Systems FIBC bulk bagger control panel installed in an industrial plant
Bulk Bag Filling Station Control Panel
FIBC Bulk Bag Filling Machine Control Panel showing the outside of the panel and the electrical components inside
A US Systems FIBC bulk bag filling station in a California Dairy, used to fill, weigh, and pack dry milk.
A US Systems bagger line in a California Dairy.

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