Angel Hair Trap

It sounds pretty, but there’s nothing pretty about having angel hair in your conveying system. 

Angel hair traps are designed to trap “angel hair”, “streamers” or “snake skins” common in the conveying of plastic materials at the base of a silo or storage bin.

Two different styles are available – either Drawer or In-Line to fit your vacuum or pressure conveying systems needs.

Angel hair is primarily a result of frictional heat and abrasion against smooth-walled pipes and elbows. While the best defense is not to have angel hair form to begin with, eliminating all angel hairs (as well as fines and dust) from production might not be possible. What is possible is minimizing the creation of angel hair, and then removing what have been created.

To order: please specify the type (drawer or in-line) and inlet/outlet dimensions. Please let us know about your application

This drawer-style Angel Hair Trap is perfect when installed under a bin where fines may accumulate.

An inline Angel Hair Trap is perfect for truck unloading or anywhere you need to catch Angel Hair inline.

Angel Hair Trap - Inline Style
In-Line Lump Breaker

This USS In-Line Lump Catcher catches lumps that may occur with dry bulk materials that form clumps.

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