Railcar Boot-Lift

The Boot-Lift Railcar Connector improves the speed and safety of connecting a hopper car to under-track systems, without workers crawling under the car and without losing material to wind or contamination.

  • Boot prevents material loss, air pollution, and contamination.
  • Boots are automatically connected.
  • Connector rises as railcar empties.
  • Unit uses only 1 cfm at 90 psi (28 l/min. at 6.2 bar).
  • Adapter plates allow interchangeability.
  • All assemblies include the appropriate control console

Air Requirements: 1 cfm (0.47 L/sec) at 90 psi (6.2 bar). Air line should include filter, regulator, and lubricator.

To order: please specify type of material that will flow through the boot-lift, if the material is food-grade, type of railcar (single, double, or round gate), and gate flange dimensions.

Railcar Boot Lift for Pneumatic Conveying
This Boot Lift is designed to aid in railcar unloading of dry bulk solids.
A USS Boot Lift Makes Unloading a Breeze
Boot Lift for Pneumatic Conveying
Boot Lift for Pneumatic Conveying
Railcar Unloading Boot Lift
Railcar Unloading Boot Lift

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