Bulk Bag Filling Machine

Jul 16, 2019


This FIBC (Super Sack) bulk bag filling station from US Systems features automatic pallet dispensing, bag hooks that retract toward the operator, automatic weighing, densification, and conveying.

This station has it all – a turn-key package that saves on labor costs and measurement accuracy.

We call this the Ultra-Bagger bulk bag filling station because it’s a highly automated and speedy high-rate bagging system. It fills, weights, and densifies…fast. The elegant operation of this PLC-run station fills, accurately weighs, and packs your material in a single operation.

Our patented densifier fills bags with up to 20% more product, saving space and efficiency in storage. Our densifier is so efficient that we have clients who stack bags on top of each other.

US Systems Bulk Bag Filling Machine

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