Lump Breaker

The USS Lump Breaker consists of a square cross-section casing with upper and lower flange, two horizontal rotating shafts equipped with chopping knives, a grid to hold back lumps, four end bearing assemblies with integrated adjustable shaft seal, an appropriately sized drive unit complete with power transmission.

The USS Lump Breaker is the ideal device for breaking up material lumps that have formed during handling or processing but are soft enough to be broken up.

Quick rotation of special chopping knives through a fixed grid does the job. The presence of two rotor shafts results in high throughput rates.

To order: please specify the material, size, and flange dimensions for the inlet and outlet.

Lump Breaker for Pneumatic Conveyors

A USS lump breaker will break up material lumps that may form in a railcar or silo.

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