Automation & Industrial Controls

Saves Time – Saves Costs – Keeps Your Processes Running Smoothly

 We design and manufacture controls for all of our bulk bag fillers and pneumatic conveying products.

A system is only as good as the controls that keep it running smoothly, day after day, year after year.

Our systems feature industrial-duty NEMA-rated control panels that automate our processes, allowing your system to run smoothly, with less downtime.

US Systems FIBC Bulk Bag Filler NEMA-Rated Control Panel with PLC controls
A US Systems Controls Engineer building an industrial control panel
A US Systems Electrical Engineer Constructs an Industrial Control Panel

We build control panels to meet your application needs with:

  • NEMA-Rated Panels
  • Disconnect Switch
  • Primary Circuit Protection
  • Industrial-Duty Buttons, Selector Switches, and Door Devices
  • PLC – Programmable Logic Controller
  • Motor Starters
  • HMI – Human Machine Interface
  • LED Indicator Lights
  • Variable-Speed Controls
  • Touchscreen
  • Remote Networking Capability
  • Data Collection
A US Systems FIBC bulk bagger control panel installed in an industrial plant
Bulk Bag Filling Station Control Panel
FIBC Bulk Bag Filling Machine Control Panel showing the outside of the panel and the electrical components inside
Bulk Bagging Station Control Panel Inside and Out

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